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Straight up Driver’s Education! Street Law is exactly what we say we are. We teach students vehicle skills, but we don't stop there. We teach a balanced approach – combining traffic laws, operational skills and mental alertness – all the elements of a safe driver.

We instruct students in the classroom and behind the wheel in the skills needed to be a safe & responsible driver. Street Law instructs directly from the Revised Code of Washington (RCW's) and reviews the laws with the students to be aware of their driving requirement 

Below is a brief overview of the Street Law Curriculum & Risk Prevention Principles
1. Laws and Responsibilities
Introduction of the Highway Transportation System. This includes laws that govern our roadways and consequences of poor driving decisions, the Intermediate Driver License, and Licensing.
2. Vehicle Inspection
Inspections should be done before you get in the vehicle to drive. It is nice to check the vehicle for damage, flat tires, and fluid leaks before operating. Preparing yourself mentally for driving tasks and vehicle referencing points for a better driving experience.
3. Signs, Shape & Colors
Introduction to recognizing the shapes & colors of roadway signs and the required law and responsibility for each sign.

4. Driving in a Residential Neighborhood
Discussing what steps need to be completed before you get out on the roadway. An important difference in being a Street Law Student, is the use of commentary driving. This is done when the student driver verbalizes their thought process as they drive – saying out loud what is going on down the roadway and what hazards they are being aware of. By doing this we stay mentally sharp and are aware of possible driving situations.
5. The Street Law Safety System (SLSS)
A Street Law Student is aware of their surroundings. This begins with the Space Management Principles. These principles help us to be aware if zones are closed or open around the vehicle we are driving.
6. Neighborhood Scenarios & Parking Skills
In this class we watch situational videos and review scenarios we may experience in neighborhood driving. Understanding how to use the SLSS in neighbor situations. Driving alongside moving vehicles and negotiating a parking lot are reviewed at this time. Street Law Students (SLS) will be able to parallel park, perpendicular & angle parking, park on a hill correctly with skill and confidence.
7. Sharing the Roadway with other drivers/Organ Donation
Street Law Students drive amongst many different vehicles from normal cars to box trucks, vans, buses and semi-trucks. Street Law Students will know how to react to these varying vehicles in different situations. In addition, Organ donation is discussed as it saves thousands of lives every year.

8. Driving Skills for Multilane Roadways
Multiple lane roadways can become very stressful, especially when lane changing. But by using Street Law Safety System, students can build their confidence and become a better and more alert driver. Lane changing is the most dangerous maneuver, by using the SLSS it can be done safely.

9. Drinking, Drugs, and Driving
Alcohol and Driving don't mix, and as a result people are killed and injured every day from the combination of the two. In class we discuss the effect drinking and legal/ illegal drugs and medications have on a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle. Teens do most of their drinking in cars and Street Law wants to help decrease the number of teens that are killed each year from alcohol & drug related incidents.
10. Freeway
Street Law Students have two major freeways to negotiate..I-5 and I-90. Students usually feel nervous when driving on freeways due to the high speeds. It just takes a fraction of a second to make a mistake. Street Law Students will learn safe procedures for driving on the freeway. When the SLSS is implemented, a driver will become a responsible driver.
11. Aggressive and Emotional Driving, Road Rage & Street Racing

All these driving behaviors happen daily on our roadways. Street Law Students are taught that it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel after an argument or if you are in an emotional state of mind. It is also not the place to settle arguments or try to impress others.

12. Danger Square, City Driving, Adverse Conditions & Drowsy Driving
Here we will talk about driving on curved roadways and in city’s with congested roads, one way streets and many pedestrians crossings. The SLSS will assist them with driving in these conditions. Discussion on driving in adverse environmental conditions such a heavy rain, ice, and snow. What a driver needs to be cognizant during adverse driving conditions. Drowsy Driving is the most common cause of collision among shift workers in the United States. The Street Law Student will learn the signs to identify drowsiness, how to prevent it, and how it impairs our driving.
13. Insurance, Vehicle Maintenance & Environmental Responsibilities
The vehicles we drive take a lot of abuse. Closing & opening doors, starting the vehicle, wear and tear on the engine. This is where vehicles sometimes malfunction. Preventative maintenance of your vehicle, understanding indicator lights and being aware of signs the vehicle isn’t working properly are reviewed at this time. In addition, we talk about how we can be a “green” driver and vehicle owner. We will also talk about auto insurance, what is means and why it is required for vehicles operated in Washington or across the US.
14. Handling Emergencies, Collision Reporting, Distracted Driving
Students will learn what to do if they are involved in a collision, information that should be collected, from all involved parties or witnesses. Collision reports are due 4 days after a collision if someone is killed or injured. Distracted driving is on the rise and cell phones are huge distraction. Studies show texting and driving are just like drinking and driving.

15. Final Exam
Students will take a 50 question knowledge exam. Students must recieve an 80% score or better to pass the exam. Scores lower than 80% will require students to re-test on a later date.



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