About Mr. Streetlaw

Mr. Law offers excellent driver's education training for teens and adults throughout Western washington. After polishing his skills in a variety of educational enviroments, Mr. Law developed this unique and effective "Street Law driving and risk prevention program for new drivers.

Mr. Law's background includes both the facilitation and development of effective educational student curriculum in the class and comprehensive, roadway instruction for both youth and adults.

At Street Law Driving School students will recieve high-quality driver's education, which not only meets or exceed all Washington state driver's education requirements, but also highlights the importance of specific "street laws" that are relevant to safe and legal driving in our world today.

Our classes focus on teen risk prevention strategies in a "straight-up" driver's education course--teaching our students to respect other driver's and to understand the extraordinary responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehichle.

Our certified instructors provide students with sound classroom and effective
behind-the-wheel training they can feel good about.


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